Pediatric Integrated Health Program

Pediatric Integrated Health Program (PIHP) provides care coordination and family support services to help youth and adults with mental health challenges. The PIHP coordination team partners with families, community providers, and health care professionals to connect the family with information, social supports, and resources to assist with physical and mental health needs and wellness. Access […]

Child Welfare Emergency Services

Child Welfare Emergency Services (CWES) provides an array of short-term temporary services to ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being of children up to the age of 18. Shelter Alternative and Diversion Services provide an on-call Crisis Intervention Specialist to help with family conflicts that have escalated to the point and intervention is necessary. Emergency Juvenile […]

Early Parenting Intervention and Coaching

The Early Parenting Intervention and Coaching (EPIC) program provides positive parenting skills directly into the family’s home by utilizing the “Raising a Thinking Child” curriculum, by Dr. Myrna B. Shure. Through specifically designed and fun to do dialogues, games, and activities easily incorporated into everyday family life- a young child learns how to solve problems […]

Day Treatment

Day Treatment provides supervised community treatment services to assist youth in achieving positive self-improvement, accountability, and judgment that will enhance community safety. Day Treatment is an after-school program that focuses on teaching and building skills such as anger management, coping, social skills, and communication. Individual and family counseling are also part of the program.

Brief Intensive Services

Brief Intensive Services (BIS) is fluid and flexible, designed to assist your family in whatever way you need. This includes skill-building to address behavioral problems, needing new “tools” for your parent toolbox, counseling, connecting to resources, or helping your child improve in school. During a Family Team Meeting, the caseworker will assist in establishing the […]

Behavioral Health Intervention Services

Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) is a skill-based program funded solely through Iowa Medicaid. Individually a caseworker will meet with youth and their family to provide intensive skill development to address behaviors that impacts the youth’s success in school, at home, and in the community. Services are designed to improve the youth’s level of functioning, […]

Achieving Maximum Potential

“Nothing about us, without us.” The Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) program involves young people as advocates for themselves and as a voice for positive change for issues affecting them. AMP youth are empowered to educate legislators, child welfare professionals, juvenile court representatives, foster parents, and the public about foster care and adoption from a youth […]

Aftercare and Preparation for Adult Living

Aftercare and Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) Services bridge the gap between leaving foster care and entering into independence by assisting youth with necessary skills to become self-sufficient, such as education, housing, employment, health, and relationships. Participants will meet with a Young House advocate to develop skills and achieve individualized goals.