Behavioral Health Intervention Services

Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) is a skill-based program funded solely through Iowa Medicaid. Individually a caseworker will meet with youth and their family to provide intensive skill development to address behaviors that impacts the youth’s success in school, at home, and in the community. Services are designed to improve the youth’s level of functioning, self-control, and ability to manage their own behaviors. Sessions may be held in the home, at school, the office, or an alternative location.

Enrollment Criteria

For more information or to refer to Young House Family Services’ Behavioral Health Intervention Services Program, please call (319) 752-4000, or email

Eligibility Requirements

  • The family must reside within Southeastern Iowa
  • The youth must have Iowa Medicaid
  • The general age range is 4 –17 but may be available to younger / older depending on needs and circumstance.
  • Youth must have a current mental health assessment/diagnosis, which you may complete through Young House Family Services.

“Our child is now doing very well with controlling or turning around his meltdowns. I have increased my parenting skills and have been more patient, yelling/threatening to take things away less when he misbehaves, and have begun trying new ways to get him talking”

“We came into services when our child’s school referred him for meltdowns –including an incident where he climbed into a gym locker to hide during a panic attack. He had high levels of depression, including suicidal ideation. Our child progressed significantly with intensive services. He stated at his last session his family has been very supportive and helpful, as well as his workers; he further stated “I have control of it now”

“My child had made threats to burn down our home, was physical to others in the home, was defiant, had failing grades, could not be trusted, and made threats to run away. He was placed on informal probation for fighting, refused to take responsibility for his actions, and blamed others for his negative behaviors. After five months of service, she has improved over 90% in all of his negative behaviors. He has gained our trust back, is looking for a job, attends church every Sunday, involved in music at school, making passing grades, and plans on playing football next school year”

How to get started

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