Help, Hope, Healing

Young House Family Services strives to help clients find help, hope, and healing. We remain firm in our commitment to helping adults, youth and families overcome obstacles and trials they are faced with. We are passionate about helping the most vulnerable individuals in our community. It is important to us to work collaboratively with the communities we serve to identify the needs of people and meet any gaps in service.

About YHFS

The variety of programs offered through Young House Family Services ensures that we can meet many different client needs, including mental health therapy, substance abuse treatment, in-home parenting skills and behavioral health services. 


Many services we offer are voluntary and available at little or no cost to families. Young House Family Services delivers high quality, effective services that help individuals and families achieve safety, stability, and well-being. 

Building Better Futures

Youth Empowerment

Young House Family Services strives to help youth by teaching the youth ways to change their behaviors in a trauma focused and strengths-based approach.

Strengthening Families

YHFS delivers integrated, evidence-based, effective services that help families achieve safety, stability, and well-being.

Changing Lives

YHFS is dedicated to enriching the lives of people through mental health therapy, substance abuse treatment and other behavioral health services.

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“Our child is now doing very well with controlling or turning around his meltdowns. I have increased my parenting skills and have been more patient, yelling/threatening to take things away less when he misbehaves, and have begun trying new ways to get him talking”

“My child had made threats to burn down our home, was physical to others in the home, was defiant, had failing grades, could not be trusted, and made threats to run away. He was placed on informal probation for fighting, refused to take responsibility for his actions, and blamed others for his negative behaviors. After five months of service, she has improved over 90% in all of his negative behaviors. He has gained our trust back, is looking for a job, attends church every Sunday, involved in music at school, making passing grades, and plans on playing football next school year”

“Raising a Thinking Child has given me some helpful insight and new tools to use as a parent. This program has improved the way my child expresses his emotions and deals with situations when he’s feeling upset of angry. I don’tknow where we’d be today with my child without this program, I see little improvements in him every week; it is so encouraging and relieving. He looks forward to his visit each week, and often asks when she is coming back and what they will do. I am extremely grateful that we were given this opportunity and I would recommend it to any other family that is struggling with a child.”

“(PIHP) helped me to be a better grandparent to my grandchild who I adopted.”

“It was such a pleasure working with (Young House) on our journey to our son. Young House made the process seem so easy from start to finish. They were truly amazing! We would not be where we are today without your help. Thank you.”

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