“We would like to take the time to express our gratitude to Young House Family Services. Our family was in a time of crisis. We seemed to be in a constant cycle of conflict. We were dealing with communication barriers and a myriad of behavioral problems that led to constant turmoil.
We had to contend with a teen that was running away, yelling, fighting and even an assault that required court intervention. When our worker started working with our family, everyday there was the potential for huge conflicts. Things even seemed to get worse, but through the wise counsel that was provided, we were able to navigate this difficult time until all members of our family could see a better future. We now have a way to communicate and tools for conflict management, as well as peace and order in our family’s operation. I would like to say because of the services provided by Young House Family Services we are working together as one family while still able to meet the needs and goals of the individuals in our family. Thank you!”