Tracking and Monitoring

The Tracking and Monitoring program provides youth intensive guidance and monitoring. The goals of the program are to maintain accountability and encourages positive behavior. Tracking and Monitoring staff will follow up with individual youth throughout the week at home and/or school to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Enhanced Monitoring

The Enhanced Monitoring and Outreach Program (Enhanced Services) is designed to serve at-risk youth and their families involved with Juvenile Court Services. Enhanced Monitoring and Outreach services provide youth and families in-home treatment services that focus on enhancing relationships, building community supports, gaining healthy communication patterns, assisting families in learning de-escalating strategies to utilize in […]

Community Service and Restitution

The Community Service and Restitution Program provides supervision and work opportunities for youth who are ordered to complete community service or restitution hours by either the Juvenile Court Officer or a Juvenile Court Judge.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment provides supervised community treatment services to assist youth in achieving positive self-improvement, accountability, and judgment that will enhance community safety. Day Treatment is an after-school program that focuses on teaching and building skills such as anger management, coping, social skills, and communication. Individual and family counseling are also part of the program.