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Our Mission

The mission of Young House Family Services is to help clients find help, hope, and healing, whether their journey is one of recovery, grief, or other life challenges. Young House Family Services remains firm in our commitment to helping adults, children, and families overcome the obstacles and everyday personal and social trials they are facing.

Many services offered at Young House Family Services are voluntary and available at little or no cost to families. Young House Family Services delivers high-quality, effective services that help individuals and families achieve safety, stability, and well-being.

The programs of Young House Family Services nurture each person’s potential to succeed and each family’s ability to heal. We also provide programs through contractual relationships with the Iowa Department of Human Services, Juvenile Court Services, local school districts, and various community partners.

Our History

Young House Family Services was founded in 1971 by Brother Bob Reinke, a member of the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, a Catholic religious organization.  Brother Bob was invited to come to Burlington, Iowa by the Bishop of the Diocese of Davenport to start a group home for boys.  There was no money to begin the group home project; therefore, Brother Bob began with a lot of faith.   


After he arrived in Burlington, Brother Bob quickly began making contacts within the community, and word was spreading about the group home project.  He was contacted by someone who had a large house at 1027 North 4th Street who said he would allow Brother Bob to live there rent-free for two months.  The previous owner, Dr. Young, is the namesake of the agency; Br. Bob named this first group home Young House. 


During a meeting at a local bank, the banker asked Brother Bob if he needed anything else, to which Brother Bob responded, “Yes–furniture.”  The banker made a phone call to a local furniture company, and that afternoon two mattresses were delivered to the house.  The Young House group home was in business—with two mattresses and a hotplate.  A few days later, the same furniture store also donated furniture for the house. 


That evening during his prayer time, Brother Bob asked God for a foundational scripture for the agency. He randomly opened his Bible to the scripture passage in Luke 9:48. This Bible verse was developed into the agency’s first mission statement, “Christ’s statement as quoted in Luke 9:48, “The person who in My name welcomes this child, welcomes Me. . .” embodies the spirit of Young House Family Services.  


Today Young House Family Services is a comprehensive non-profit, 501(c)(3) social service agency providing a wide variety of programs throughout Southeast Iowa for adults, families, and children.  Our vast array of programs offered include mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral health services.  Young House Family Services is a firmly established agency, with an excellent reputation for expertise and quality performance and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).  As the agency evolved, the mission statement was changed to reflect the services being offered.  Young House’s current mission statement is, Dedicated to serving our community by providing Help, Hope, and Healing through comprehensive and quality services.