Early Parenting Intervention and Coaching

The Early Parenting Intervention and Coaching (EPIC) program provides positive parenting skills directly into the family’s home by utilizing the “Raising a Thinking Child” curriculum, by Dr. Myrna B. Shure. Through specifically designed and fun to do dialogues, games, and activities easily incorporated into everyday family life- a young child learns how to solve problems and resolve conflicts with friends, teachers, and family; explore alternative solutions and their consequences: and understand the feeling of others.

Children are equipped with an understanding of concepts central to conflict management, learn to understand their feelings, and recognize those feelings in themselves and others. The EPIC program provides both individual parenting skills and a group parenting component.

Enrollment Criteria

For more information or to refer to Young House Family Services’ Early Parenting Intervention and Coaching Program, please call (319) 752-4000, X1117 or email EPIC@younghouse.org

Eligibility Requirements

  • A family must reside within Des Moines, Henry, or Louisa Counties.
  • Child must be between the ages of three and five.
  • Children are generally enrolled in a preschool and/or daycare program.
  • EPIC is funded through Early Childhood Iowa funds, there is no out of pocket expense.

“Raising a Thinking Child has given me some helpful insight and new tools to use as a parent. This program has improved the way my child expresses his emotions and deals with situations when he’s feeling upset of angry. I don’tknow where we’d be today with my child without this program, I see little improvements in him every week; it is so encouraging and relieving. He looks forward to his visit each week, and often asks when she is coming back and what they will do. I am extremely grateful that we were given this opportunity and I would recommend it to any other family that is struggling with a child.”

“My daughter has improved a lot since she has been in your program. I would tell everybody I know about it and hope more people can get the help like my daughter has gotten. I don’t know where we would be without the help of this program”
“I have seen a significant improvement in motor function and behavior. My worker is a positive and caring person suited for this role”

How to get started

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